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Elevate your Woodland Bay Retreat experience with these exclusive offerings. Enjoy gourmet meals, rejuvenating massages, and personalized fitness services to enhance your stay.


To book any of these services, please contact us directly for more information. 

Chef Preparing Pizza


We have partnered with talented local chefs from the area to bring you the best food experiences in the valley. Simply make your request upon booking, and we will provide you with the details and impressive resumes of our local chefs. This way, you can choose a chef based on your specific preferences and desired culinary experience.

Contact us directly for more information. 

Hot Stone Massage


For ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation, treat yourself to a blissful massage or a Yoga session provided by skilled therapists, designed to relieve stress and enhance your overall well-being.

Contact us directly for more information. 



Maximize your experience at Woodland Bay Retreat by taking advantage of our onsite gym and book a personalised training session during your stay.  Whether you're looking to maintain your current routine or receive professional guidance in crafting a new workout plan, don't miss out on the opportunity to optimise your fitness experience while enjoying the serene surroundings of Woodland Bay Retreat.

To enquire about a personal training session please request upon booking your stay at Woodland Bay Retreat.

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